Fear vs Promises

It seems that there is something growing from the depths of our hearts, as we see the tragedies and horrors that fill up news headlines. We watch as newscasters tally up the deaths in real time, we watch as sons and daughters are killed. Death, it seems, is not on holiday. And Fear, she grows in our hearts like a weed that is choking our joy. But Fear has no right to our hearts.

An Unlikely Soldier


I am a BIG Lord of the Rings nerd. (and The Hobbit too… yes, I also thought The Hobbit sequel was amazing). Not just because I can relate to the hobbit’s experiences as short people, but because it combines ALL of my favorite little and big things: noble battles, fighting for love, everlasting friendships, embarking on an incredible journey, and of course, second breakfast.

But the journey that these hobbits embark on is not just full of good things. Their journey is incredibly difficult, requires a lot of sacrifice, humility, and pushing past things way bigger than them (most of the time, literally).

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