Tethered Blimps

Poor little blimp.


On October 28th, 2015 a massive military blimp that was tethered to the ground, broke loose and floated all the way to Pennsylvania. Along the way, it was dragging it’s long metal tether cable hitting power lines and causing 18,000 power outages.

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Finding Nemo Among Orphans


Ever have one of those moments where you look around and you’re struck with a massive magnitude of meaning? A completely unexpected moment where something mythic unfolds right before your eyes?

I had a moment like that a couple months ago in Kenya. Now, every missions trip I’ve been on has been filled with occasions that have stopped me in my tracks. A church filled worship service in Poland , a mountainside prayer night under the stars in El Salvador, a prayer moment with a father and his kids in Trinidad. So many memories of pivotal God-orchestrated intersections with beautiful people.

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