Fear vs Promises

It seems that there is something growing from the depths of our hearts, as we see the tragedies and horrors that fill up news headlines. We watch as newscasters tally up the deaths in real time, we watch as sons and daughters are killed. Death, it seems, is not on holiday. And Fear, she grows in our hearts like a weed that is choking our joy. But Fear has no right to our hearts.

Torching Wet Blankets


It’s a chilly night, and I’m out in the forest with some friends enjoying a meal by the campfire. The chill is against our backs as we chow down on some baked beans and hot dogs, which taste twice as good mixed with the smell of smoke in the cool night air. Our conversation is woven with laughter, which occasionally sends mouthfuls of half-chewed beans into the fire. It’s one of those good nights. As the fire turns to glowing red embers, we zip into our sleeping bags and begin to drift into slumber.

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More Than Okay


We can sometimes find ourselves in a state of constant okay-ness. When you pass someone that you know in the hall or on the street and they ask, “Hey, how are you?” you can truly respond with, “I’m doing okay.” And that’s not a bad thing. You’ve got your health, your car, your job, maybe you even have a happy family. But, ask yourself this, are you desperate? Continue reading “More Than Okay”