Just A Reminder.


Sometimes, I need a slap in the face by God.

Like, for real.

I’ve noticed my perspective on life, people and myself becoming very narrow-minded. I haven’t been thinking in terms of the big picture as much, and much more than that my view on things has taken more of a negative turn. I know this isn’t who I am, because God has given me a life of joy despite circumstances around me. So I prayed, sitting here in the airport, and started to read Ragamuffin Gospel and I am reminded of God’s absolutely incredible love for me.

Brennan Manning writes, “When we attempt to comprehend the almost countless stars and other heavenly bodies in our galaxy alone, we resonate to Isaiah’s Paean of praise to the all powerful Creator: “Lift your eyes and look: He who created those things leads out their army in order, summoning each by name. So mighty is His power, so great is His strength, that not one fails to answer.” (Is. 40:26)

I started scribbling in my journal:

‘This chapter in Ragamuffin Gospel is really helping me to see beyond my own sight, my own perspective. It is the all powerful Creator, the author of my life and my faith, the beginning and the end of time… the promise-keeper, death-defeater, faith-fulfiller, Creator of all Creation… who calls ME by name.

“Look around you. Creation sings of the Maker’s love for you. A symphony of sounds and exhibits of sights, all of the beautiful people you know and love, all are direct road signs to the Lord’s infinite love for you… it is impossible to see something as incredible as a sky-scraping oak tree, a majestic doe in her purest element, or the canvas of oranges, blues and yellows found in the sunset over the ocean – and not believe in an all-powerful God.

And above all of this, you are the apple of His eye. You are His final masterpiece. After 6 days of creating the world we see around us, the Lord saw it and said, “it is very good!” And yet, He concludes the creation of the world with men and women. People. Soul-bearing, heart-filled humans with which God wanted relationships with.

“I believe this is why God didn’t stop at Day 6. Day 7 is the ending crescendo of creation’s symphony.

“I’ve been really struggling to trust this Creator’s word about me and my life. I’ve been insecure in myself and the way God has made me. That’s because I believe my vision has been narrowed, only being able to see the flaws within me and my life. I have taken my eyes off of Jesus and His sacrificial love, and off of the God who created the world around me.

“This all powerful God is faithful to His word, and He sacrificed His son so that we could step into these promises of freedom from insecurity. My identity insecurity is a direct denial of the word of the living God – it is me trusting my own perception of myself, rather than His.

“HE says I am accepted. HE says to bring my sin, my shortcomings, my faults, and HE promises to separate them as far as the east is from the west (which, by the way, HE created, and has no end.) HE says I am free through Jesus – free to follow Him, live like Him, love like Him. HE promises to grant peace beyond understanding. HE promises rest for those who are weary and burdened. HE says who I am, and I want to trust, because of all He has done.”

It is impossible to have a love-encounter with Jesus, and see the incredible works of God, and NOT trust all that He says I am. My doubt is not bigger than Him – not even close. And my insecurity could never cancel the promises of God.


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