Tethered Blimps

Poor little blimp.


On October 28th, 2015 a massive military blimp that was tethered to the ground, broke loose and floated all the way to Pennsylvania. Along the way, it was dragging it’s long metal tether cable hitting power lines and causing 18,000 power outages.

That was a day I laughed a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Why? Well you see, that giant cartoon looking blimp had been airborne for several months. Everywhere I went in my area, I could see it. That big, off white blob just floated in basically one spot. I’ll admit it, I started to hate that thing. Why my disdain towards an innocent dirigible? For starters, it had all sorts of military spy gear on it. Yes, I know, it was designed to protect us from low level missile threats aimed at the East Coast (impressive!), but the rumor mill also churned out stories of cameras that could see the color your underwear. I don’t like blimps that can see my underwear.
Secondly, that blimp was a fixed, manmade obstruction to the skyline. It was likely that anyone who wanted to snap a photo on a beautiful day had that blimp in their shot. Sorry about the blimp wedding photographers. I’m sure Photoshop got a workout during those days. It got to the point that I’d roll my eyes every time I saw that blimp.
But then, I thought, the real reason I dislike that blimp isn’t the blimp’s fault at all. There was a certain level of injustice I felt for it because blimps are meant to fly. Their not meant to be tethered to the ground like a fat winged bulldog on a leash.

“Fly little blimp. Fly.”

That’s why I laughed on that chilly day in October. The blimp got away. Got away from “Big Brother”! That blimp snapped it’s tether and went for a joy ride. It was made for that. Made to cruise around and see the world. Made to fly higher and farther than the 6,700 feet of steel cable that held it down. Even funnier when you think that it was wreaking havoc to the power gird all along it’s fugitive run.

“Fly little blimp. Fly.”

We’re the same way you know? You and I are were not created to be tethered to this old world. We’re not created to be leashed to installations that falsely govern our soul. We’re not meant to be limited to the opinions (and often lies) of man. We’re meant to fly. Granted, let’s not drag a steel cable along our path causing power outages, but let’s cut the cable and fly. And yet, yeah maybe we should drag our God-stories along wreaking havoc to the broken systems of this world. Let’s cut the tethers of addiction and fear and religion and pride and image. You’re soul is pulling against that stuff anyways. If you’re a Jesus follower, you’re spirit is especially in need of cutting the cord. You were made to float higher than 6,700 feet. Made to fly in wider ranges than a military base.

“Fly little blimp. Fly.”

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.      Galatians 5:1 (The Message)


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